Friday, April 14, 2006

Retirees But No Resignees

The number of retired generals calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumseld's resignation or dismissal now stands at six. Between them are 15 stars and nearly 200 years collective experience in military affairs ranging from combat command to evacuation of civilians and UN "blue helmets" to participation in UN authorized interventions.

While unanimous in calling for Rumsfeld's departure, they differ in their support for or opposition to the decision to invade and then occupy Iraq. Those supporting the action fault Rumsfeld for violating one or more of the nine principles of war. Thus theirs is a critique of Rumsfeld's practice of the art and science of war. Those opposing the war go further. They fault the policy, which in the end is approved by the president. But again, their opposition tends to be grounded in the effects the policy has on the military institution and less on the inherent moral and legal considerations of war in general and preventive war in particular.

Speaking of opposition to war, three West Point graduates from the Class of 1962 have started a website "West Point Graduates Against the War." Any graduate, spouse or widow of a graduate may join. See


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