Saturday, July 01, 2006

Statistics fo July


Today, July 1, 2006, is day 1,200 of the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq.

U.S. military deaths are 2,536; 62 died In June, one has died in July
U.S. wounded, as of last update (June 11), total at 18, 356.

Coalition military deaths are 226; half of these are British

Iraqi civilian deaths are at least 50,000.
Police fatalities in 2005 were 3,578 and for the first half of 2006 were 4,693.

Iraqi government figures for fatalities for May and June 2006 were 1,423 and 1,771, respectively. By comparison, the Iraq Coalition report lists only 1,120 and 868 for these months, respectively.

On July 1, 78 Iraqi civilians and 8 Iraqi police and military died


Tucked in the Transportation-Treasury-Housing and Urban Development-Judiciary, District of Columbia, and Independent Agencies appropriations bill is a congressional pay raise that brings member’s salaries to $168,500. But you won’t find it under “congressional pay raise.”

Look under Section 801. It reads: “The Committee continues the provision requiring pay raises to be funded within appropriated levels in this Act or previous appropriations Acts.”

Then there is Section 940: “The Committee continues a provision, with modification, providing that the adjustment in rates of basic pay for employees under statutory pay systems taking effect in fiscal year 2007 shall be an increase of 2.7 percent.”

The minimum wage still stands at $5.15 an hour – roughly $10,700 a year. It has been at this level for nine years. In that same period, congressional pay has increased $31,000.


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