Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October War Statistics

Another grim month in Iraq, for Iraqis, U.S., and other coalition forces.
Iraq said it lost 106 from its security forces (up 10 from last month) while civilian fatalities fell by 199 to 593. Coalition losses were 40, with 38 from the U.S.

Six women, five from the U.S. forces, died during October 2007. This is the largest monthly total for the coalition forces as a whole. Two other months -- September 2006 and June 2005 -- also registered the loss of five U.S. service women assigned to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Overall, 89 U.S. and 7 other coalition service women have lost their lives to date.

The U.S. total dead in Iraq in October 2007 also proved not as many as have perished in other Octobers: in 2006 106 U.S. troops were killed and another 96 perished in October 2005. The last time U.S. fatalities were down this far was March 2006 when 31 died. Of the October 2007 fatalities, 29 were from hostile causes while 9 were non-hostile

In addition, four U.S. service members remain missing, and 128 have committed suicide. One British and one Polish soldier were killed in Iraq, bringing the UK’s death toll in Iraq to 171 and all other allies to 132. Total U.S. casualties now stand at 3,844, with four others listed by (source for all statistics) as deceased in the U.S. from wounds received in the combat arena.

Total coalition dead since March 19, 2003 equals 4,147.

U.S. wounded not requiring medical evacuation stood at 19,696 as of October 1, 2007, while aerial medical evacuations for any cause (wound, disease, other non-hostile) total 39,659.

Also during October, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that the UK presence in southern Iraq would be cut in half by mid-2008 and possibly be completely ended before 2009 beings. The Polish government also is reducing the number of its military forces to 900 and i indicating it will pull its remaining troops in 2008. On the other hand, Georgia, vying for a spot in NATO, is increasing its commitment to 2,000.

In Afghanistan, the U.S. has registered 100 fatalities in 2007 while other coalition troop deaths this year stand at 101. Both are yearly record losses with two months still to go. October’s deaths among the U.S. troops were 10 while the coalition losses dropped to 5. Total U.S. service losses since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom are 757 and 120 for other coalition forces.


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