Monday, January 21, 2008

Multiple Choice (Corrected and Extended)


These are the answers: can you come up with the question?

a) when President Bush's plea to the Saudis to increase oil production was rejected and the price per barrel hit and stayed above $100.

b) when the Federal Reserve pumped nearly $50 billion into the banking system in November to preclude a tightening of credit, followed in January by an uncharateristic mid-cycle drop of 75 basis points in the federal funds overnight rate.

c) when Congress caved in and voted the $70 billion "bridge" war supplemental without conditions, an indication that it will again cave when it considers the rest of the administration's $196 billion this Spring.

d) when the avowedly anti-war presidential candidates in both parties were marginaliized or forced from the contest.

e) when the pundits and the political spinmeisters assured the public that the soon-to-be 18-month-old change in tactics (the “surge”) has permanently altered the strategic posture (a politically and economically viable Iraq) in the Persian Gulf into one that will be sustainable with a “minimal” permanent presence of U.S. forces.

f) all of the above.
More to come.


Anonymous TR said...

The question? Maybe it's:
What do the "leaders" of our culture-of-violence do when our culture-of-violence doesn't work?

3:52 PM  
Anonymous CR said...

I think its more like: How do you bankrupt and take over the most powerful country in the world?

1:45 AM  

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