Friday, April 18, 2008

Inter-religious Dialogue III

Pope Benedict flew to New York today where he spoke to the United Nations General Assembly. The following extracts seemed to me to continue his theme of the critical need for community, beginning with the family through the nation-state to international organizations.

The organization, he said, was intended to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of three common ends of peace and development.”

It should also be “a moral centre where all the nations of the world feel at home…a family of nations.”

“Its Founding Principles – the desire for peace, the quest for justice, respect for the dignity of the person. Humanitarian cooperation and assistance…constitute the ideals which should underpin international relations.”

This is “a time…when we experience the obvious paradox of a multilateral consensus that continues to be in crisis because it is still subordinated to the decisions of a few.”

“In the name of freedom there has to be a correlation of rights and duties.”

“Recognition of the unity of the human family and attention to the inner dignity of every man and woman, today find renewed emphasis in the principle of the responsibility to protect…It is indifference or failure to intervene, that do the real damage.”

“Legality often prevails over justice when the insistence upon rights makes them appear as the exclusive result of legislative enactment.”


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