Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What this Election Means

Bridget Moix
Legislative Secretary, Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict
Guest Blogger

Let's see, I think I'm suppose to write something particularly insightful about all the policy opportunities ahead for our peaceful prevention of deadly conflict work. And of course there is that. After all, the platform (PDF) of our new president-elect includes:

  • Engaging diplomatically with friends and foes
  • Creating a rapid response fund for societies in transition
  • Increasing the State Department's capacity to prevent and respond to conflict
  • Strengthening the UN and regional organizations to prevent and respond to deadly violence
  • Doubling foreign assistance
…wait, has he been reading our stuff? Now the incoming administration needs to be challenged to live up to these platform ideals.

But what really brought tears to my eyes and has an unstoppable smile plastered on my face today was living this election as part of a majority African-American neighborhood. The 2 1/2 hour line I waited in to vote was filled with under-30 African-American men and women, many first time voters, who were excited about the possible future of their country. And later that night, when fireworks went off and shouts of joy filled our street I realized the depth of meaning this election had for so many people.

And what it means for my family too. After all, if an African-American with a father from Kenya and the name Barack Obama can become president maybe by the time my son turns 35 a Mexican-American with a father from Mexico City and the name Pablo Fernandez Moix can too!


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