Monday, May 12, 2008

GAIA Consciousness

The concept of an Earth-consciousness has been part of humanity’s experience on, with, and – unfortunately – against this small planet we call earth. In pre-Christian Greece, in addition to being the personification of the female principle, GAIA was the mother of the Titans who were defeated by Zeus and the other gods of Olympus.

The idea of GAIA-consciousness should not be assumed as wholly beneficent. In fact, as in any human family and many animal social units, when the offspring deviate from the norms of behavior are prescribed for the group, it is more likely the female rather than the male who disciplines the offender.

And GAIA appears on a rage if not aa rampage Even as I write, the fatalities from today’s 7.8 earthquake centered on Chongqing are mounting swiftly above the 8,000 mark.

For the first 8½ years of the new century, this is the numerical total of the lost.

May 12, 2008 China 7.8 Earthquake 8,700 and counting
May 4-5, 2008 Myanmar Cyclone 63,000-100,000

November 18, 2007 Bangladesh Cyclone 3,000

May 27, 2006 Indonesia 6.3 Earthquake 6,000
October 7, 2005 Pakistan 7.5 Earthquake 18,000

December 26, 2004 Indonesia 9.0 Earthquake & Tsunami 212,000
September 27, 2004 Haiti Hurricane Jeane 1,050

December 25, 2003 Iran 6.6 Earthquake 28,000
August 14, 2003 France Heat wave 10,000
May 21, 2003 Algeria 6.7 Earthquake 2,100

January 26, 2001 India 7.9 Earthquake 20,000


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there some reason, logical, political or otherwise, that other notable 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season storms weren't mentioned? Katrina had a higher death-toll than Jeane. Why leave the major American natural disaster off the list? Does the average American Joe stop to weigh the immediate gratifications of his life against the long term effects to the average Haitian Jean? No. Should he? Yes. But reminding him about it is like singing an opera to a dog. Reminding him how his actions drove up the price of fuel he puts in his own over-sized automobile, on the other hand, might get you somewhere. It's at least like giving a dog simple monosyllabic commands.

4:20 PM  

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