Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What to do about Georgia

What to do about Georgia

First. Don’t send any new military personnel to Georgia.

Second, get all U.S. military trainers out of the country.

Third. If the Bush administration wants to deliver humanitarian supplies, contract out for commercial aircraft to fly in the relief or shipping companies to sail into a port. Given all the contracts the Pentagon issued in Iraq, there should be no shortage of people eager for another chance to do right.

Fourth. Let the EU take the diplomatic lead. They will be more directly affected in terms of interruptions to fuel supplies from Russia should things get nasty after the current fighting ends.

Fifth. Things are nasty now. .

Sixth. Don't send any warships into the Black Sea outside of those that might be expected based on historical data.

Seventh. Convince the current president of Georgia to resign and hold new elections after Russian troops withdraw (assuming they do). In the interim, ask for UN assistance.

Eighth. Russian troops leave Georgia and take with them the so-called South Ossetia military that are looting Gori.

Ninth. NATO should rethink carefully whether to bring Georgia (and the Ukraine) into the alliance. Remember, NATO is a mutual security pact.
Would the U.S. go to war for Georgia?

Tenth. Don’t tweak the Bear’s tail gratuitously


Anonymous dcrowe said...

Thanks for this perspective. The more people that sound notes of reasonableness and caution, the better. Your proposal is very well-thought-out. I'm posting a link to your blog on my blogroll. I'd appreciate a return link if you're open - I blog from the perspective of Christian nonviolence, and I also have focused lately on Georgia/Russia.

10:13 PM  

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