Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary at the Convention

If you didn’t hear Hillary deliver her remarks at the Convention Tuesday night, you missed what used to be called a “stem-winder” of a speech.

As a former speech writer, I was impressed not only by the organization of the speech and the word choice but with its rhythm and the way she wove the key elements of her message. She started with an endorsement of Senator Obama as the party nominee and then returned to that point almost as the touchstone of her message to the 18 million who voted for her in the primaries.

I say “almost,” for the real touchstone was the power of women in society – past with the feminists who gathered in Seneca Falls and Harriet Tubman who organized the Underground Railway, present with the women she met and spoke with during this campaign, future with the daughters of those women who will “keep on going” regardless of the obstacles that others will throw in their path.

Some commentators pointed out that she said nothing about Obama as commander in chief and only once referred to ending the war in Iraq responsibly. I count that as a strong plus, for the president is supposed to be, first and foremost, the chief executive of the people, not the commander in chief of the people.

When the roll call of states is called, Hillary will find a not insignificant number of votes cast for her as the party’s presidential standard bearer. After the vote, the usual call for unanimity will be made, seconded, and declared “passed” by acclamation.

Last night, the Convention was hers by acclamation. Don't be surprised if in eight years, assuming the Democrats win this November, that same motion for unanimity by acclamation is for Hillary as the nominee as well as for speaker.


Blogger rasphila said...

I agree about the speech. I've noticed a revival of the art of political oratory lately. Obama is a spell-binder who apparently writes his own material. It wouldn't surprise me if Clinton writes hers as well.

She will be a power in the land no matter who is president.

8:29 AM  

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