Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Weeks in Politics -- Take 1

Well, Bill Clinton had the most memorable line of the Democratic Convention: we do best with the power of our example and not with the example of our power.

That seems to be a direct hit at the McCain “bomb bomb Iran” and 100 more years in Iraq. It looks as if no matter who wins in November here that all troops – not just combat troops, will be out of Iraq by the end of 2011.

That will still leave Afghanistan – but if we kill enough noncombatants there (like to 90 last week), 2011 might see us out of that country too.

As for the Republicans this week, John McCain had the most surprising announcement of the Democrat’s week by naming Alaska’s first term governor, Sarah Palin, as his running mate and the first women to run for vice president on the Republican ticket.

Hurricane Gustav is closing in on the Gulf Coast and will have greater repercussions than anything the Democrats do on the Republican Convention even though the venue for the convention is Minneapolis-St Paul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gustaf was a painful reminder of the administration's botched response to Katrina, so they wisely decided to have a non-convention. They were also able to avoid any focus on the Bush/Cheyney adminstration. Whether or not Bush will speak reamins and open question, but many wish it could be avoided altogether. Instead, atention has been split between Gustaf and McCain's VP choice of Sarah Palin.
John McCain comes from a long line of distinguished military leaders; and embodies the spirit of the Naval Academy. He is predisposed to use military force and the threat of force as the primary tool of our foreign policy. I hope more of his background and stance on international affairs will come to light in the next short while. If so, it will give many pause before supporting his candidacy.

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